Private Guard Training Courses

We are licensed to hold Private Guard Training Courses in terms of Article 23 of the Private Guards and Local Wardens Act (Cap. 389) and Regulation 5 of the Private Guards Regulations 1996 Ref: MHAE/198/95/VII. 

We are in a position to organise any type of tailor-made security course for your staff at our Mosta premises. Course content is discussed a priori between you and our trainers. 

Our trainers are fully qualified and are able to carry out any sort of security training.

Book your place through or call us at 22484629 or 22484600


3-Day long afternoon course

Tailor-made course content according to your requirements.

List of possible suggested topics for your guidance.

Course length at your option.

Rates are applied on a per-trainee basis.

Small groups for individual attention (not more than 15/20).

Light refreshments are served during breaks.


Price: €80

Teaching class course

Refresher Course

2-Day afternoon course


Price: €35

Cash in Transit Special License

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Or book your spot through:

  22484629 or 22484600